USS Pampanito Submarine

The USS Pampanito submarine can be found in Pier 45 on Fisherman's Wharf, very close to the SS Jeremiah O’Brien Ship.

USS Pampanito in History

USS Pampanito is a submarine from the Second World War that survived a countless number of battles in the Pacific; it sank six enemy ships and managed to rescue 73 men and take them to the United States.

While it was in service, the Pampanito had a staff of 80 men who shared the tiny space over long voyages.

Visiting the Pampanito

Visiting its decks is not too interesting but, once you go inside, you will discover a completely different world and feel part of history; the history of those who spent so much time working and living here.

On entering the Pampanito you can visit the rooms where the crew lived; the kitchen, the dining room, a small office and the dormitories are still the same as they were at the time.

An Entertaining Visit

Unless you have visited New York’s Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, if you have ever wanted to go into a submarine, this is your opportunity. Exploring the inside of a submarine is not something that you can do in many places.


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