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Twin Peaks

The name Twin Peaks comes from its two practically identical hills. With an altitude of 920 meters, they are the second highest peaks in San Francisco.

What's so special about them?

Twin Peaks, San Francisco's best view
Twin Peaks, San Francisco's best view

Without any doubt, you can get some exceptional views from the Twin Peaks that you could not see elsewhere. Located almost in the geographical center of San Francisco, there's no better place to view the city than from the top of the Twin Peaks, so if you have enough time, the Twin Peaks should be high on your list of places to visit.

In the lower part of the Twin Peaks a residential community has developed with colorful houses built up the slope.

You are probably familiar with the name Twin Peaks from the famous series by David Lynch; the Twin Peaks have nothing to do with it however as the series was set in Washington, DC.

How do you get there?

The best way to get to the Twin Peaks is by car, but if you do not have one available to you can also get there by public transportation or on foot; take the metro to Forest Hill (lines K, L or M). Once you are out of the station, cross the street and take the bus 36 to the Marview View stop and Skyview Way. Now it's time to go up the street before taking a path to the Twin Peaks.


2.5 miles southwest of Union Square.


Twin Peaks, location map

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