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Where to stay in San Francisco

Although accommodation in San Francisco continues to be more expensive than in other American cities, it is definitely more affordable than in New York. For about $80 you can get a double room in the downtown area.

The best places to stay

Union Square
Union Square

From our point of view, the best place to stay in San Francisco is the area around Union Square. It is a lively area, with plenty of shops and restaurants and is very safe.

Another favorite place to stay is the Fisherman's Wharf. This area is further removed from downtown and is a good choice in the summer. If you are travelling in the winter, there is not much night life then.

If you are staying in other areas the most important thing is to have good transportation to or within San Francisco.

Hotels in San Francisco

As we have already mentioned, hotels in San Francisco, although not as cheap as those in Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami and other tourist cities, are fairly affordable and are priced similarly to those in European cities. From $80 per night you can find double rooms in central hotels.

In order to find the best offers and find discounts up to 75%, use our search engine for cheap hotels. Most hotels do not require a deposit and allow cancellations up to one night in advance.

One highly recommended site for reserving hotels in San Francisco or any other city in the world is Reservaria.

Hostels and Youth Hostels in San Francisco

Hostels are always a good option for groups of friends. In San Francisco you can find beds in shared rooms for less than $20.

Two recommended sites for booking hostels are: