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Prices in San Francisco

It can be said that, generally, the prices in San Francisco are lower than in New York, especially with regards to accommodation, since better hotels can be found at half the price. Guided Tours are also cheaper than in The Big Apple.

Examples of prices

If you want to know how much money you are going to need, here are some examples of average prices in San Francisco:

  • Muni metro ticket: 2 Dollars.
  • Transportation pass for 7 days (Muni Pass): 27 Dollars.
  • Dinner for two people in an average restaurant: From 30 Dollars without wine.
  • Double room in a central hotel: From $80 per night.
  • Taxi from the San Francisco Airport: 40 Dollars.
  • Visit to Alcatraz: 28 Dollars.
  • Going to a museum: Between 10 and 15 Dollars.
  • Go San Francisco Card: From $54.99 Dollars.


    In the United States there are many workers that get by thanks to tips.

    A regular tip in most restaurants is between 10% and 20% of the bill, although there are many restaurants that include it by default. Taxi drivers also expect a tip, even if it is just rounding up to the nearest dollar.