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Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park is 5 kilometers long and only 1 kilometer wide, which makes it practically impossible to walk the full length. If we compare it with Central Park in New York, San Francisco's park is significantly larger.

Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Park

Ocean Beach, San Francisco
Ocean Beach

Fortunately for visitors, the park has minibuses that, for a reasonable price, can be boarded whenever you wish, so that you can see the most interesting places of the park.


The park has hundreds of beautiful spaces which would take a long time to fully explore. Some of the most interesting areas would be the large Dutch Windmill, the Garden of Fragrance (especially designed for blind visitors), some wooded areas with giant ferns, lakes and lagoons, a Japanese Garden with bonsai trees and pagodas, or the Shakespeare Garden, with over 200 flowers mentioned in his works.

There is one part of the park which is next to the beach, though without a doubt the most interesting place for visitors is the part where you can see a herd of American Buffalos. The first buffalo to live in the park was placed there in 1894, so now they are fully adapted to their environment.

In the interior of the park there are also some of San Francisco’s most important museums, such as the California Academy of Sciences and the de Young Museum.


Between Lincoln Way and Fulton Street.


Bus: lines 5 and 44.
Streetcar: line N (Judah Street).


Golden Gate Park, location map

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