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At the end of 1960, Haight-Ashbury was one of the areas where a bohemian movement was born; that of the hippy idealists who practiced a kind of life in harmony with nature and promoting human values. The district has houses with multicolored facades and a relaxed atmosphere.


This alternative zone of San Francisco is full of "different" clothing stores, artisan shops and bars where you can hear live music.

A large part of the charm when visiting this district comes from simply observing the unusual characters that live in the area.

Haight-Ashbury is found nearby the Golden Gate Park, and so the best option is to see both places on the same day.

We recommend visiting Haight-Ashbury during the day. At night the atmosphere could be less appealing to many.


Close to Golden Gate Park.


Bus: lines 6, 7, 33, 37, and 71.


Haight-Ashbury, location map

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