How to Get to San Francisco

How to Get to San Francisco

People normally travel to San Francisco by plane or car. The latter is particularly common for people who are doing a road trip around the USA.

Getting to San Francisco by Plane

Although many choose to take a road trip from other cities along the West Coast, if you are looking to arrive quickly and cheaply, the best option is without doubt by plane. You can find flights from Los Angeles or Las Vegas from about $50 with a flight time of around one hour.

If you would like to go from coast to coast, you can find flights from New York for a little over $100, which is a steal for a flight of almost 7 hours.

If you are looking for a flight from London, Paris, Madrid or other European cities, ticket prices start from $900. Flights crossing the Pacific from Tokyo, Hong Kong or Singapore go for around the same price.

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Once you have booked your flight, the next thing to do is to find the best way of getting from the airport to San Francisco’s downtown area:

How to Get to San Francisco from the Airport?

Getting to San Francisco by Car

Those adventurous enough to drive to San Francisco already know about the long distances involved: 578 miles from Las Vegas (930 kilometres), 379 miles from Los Angeles (610 kilometres) and 500 from San Diego (810 kilometres). There are good roads but you will need to remember that speed limits are strictly enforced. We suggest using Google Maps or a similar tool to plan your itinerary.

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As a word of advice, if you arrive in San Francisco by car, it is advisable to look for a hotel with parking facilities in order to avoid having to use public parking, which can be quite expensive.

Getting to San Francisco by Train

This is the least attractive option for us, the price is similar to a plane ticket and the journey from Los Angeles takes over 11 hours. We can only see it as worthwhile for those wishing to view the Californian scenery.

A high-speed train linking the two cities has been planned, although it is not yet operational.