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Alamo Square

Alamo Square is a very unusual square which seems more like a postcard picture scene than a real neighborhood.

This surprising setting has been used numerous times in movies as well as in TV series, one well known example being the Full House series.

San Francisco, Alamo Square Victorian houses
Alamo Square with the famous Victorian houses

The district is bordered by Hayes Street to the South, Fulton Street to the North, Steiner Street to the East and Scott Street to the West.

What can you see in Alamo Square?

The most attractive area for visitors can be found in Steiner Street, where a row of beautiful Victorian houses in different colors is built. Looking into the distance, if there is no mist, you can make out the city’s downtown area, including the Transamerica Pyramid and other famous buildings.

The colorful cottages which attract the attention of all visitors to San Francisco are commonly known as "The Painted Ladies".


Alamo Square.


Bus: lines 5, 21, 22, and 24.


Alamo Square, location map

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