Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Taking out a health insurance policy is highly recommendable when travelling to San Francisco, as the costs of health care in the USA can be extremely high.

If you are travelling from abroad, it’s important to know that the health care system in the USA works very differently to other medical systems. Health care facilities are largely operated by private sector businesses, and prescriptions are often required to obtain certain medicines that are easily available in European countries.

Given the fact that the minimum price for any medical consultation is approximately 300 (US$ 326.70), we recommend taking out private health insurance before travelling to the States. That way you can travel with the peace of mind that should anything unforeseen happen on your trip, you won't have to fork out for hefty hospital bills.

Check Your Insurance

Before hiring any type of private health insurance, it is always a good idea to make sure that none of your other insurances offer this type of service, for example, your car or house insurance.

Another option is to make the most of the insurances offered by your credit card. It is wise to check the clauses before buying the flight tickets, as sometimes you get health insurance included if you buy the tickets with your credit card.

How to Take Out Health Insurance

If none of your other insurances offer health insurance for travel to the USA, don't worry; at Civitatis we've got the solution. We have comprehensive travel insurance including medical expenses for as little as  21 (US$ 22.80) per person. You can see more details about our insurance policy here.