Haight-Ashbury Area Map - San Francisco Map

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Information about the map

You can find the location of the main monuments, museums, squares, churches and city highlights in our map of San Francisco. By clicking on each icon you can see the name of the location.

In order to help your guidance once you arrive in the city, the numbers on the map coincide with the numbers on the list of city highlights, so once the map has been printed you can compare the locations with their description.

Exporting the city highlights list

If you would like to include our list of city highlights in Google Maps or Google Earth, you can download the file in KML format by clicking here. You can add them to these applications by using the import function.

How can I print the map?

You may need to use the latest versions of the browsers to print the San Francisco map. It’s likely that the latest version of Google Maps cannot be printed from older browsers. To print all elements, you need to activate "print background colors and images" in the Page Setup menu.

Using the interactive San Francisco map

It is very simple to use the map:

View information about a location: click on the markers..
Move around the map: drag with the mouse or using the arrows on the map.
Zoom in: click on the + button on the map or double click on the left mouse button over the map.
Zoom out: click on the – button or double click on the right mouse button on the San Francisco map.