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San Francisco Transportation

In contrast to other large cities in the United States, San Francisco can be proud of having a comprehensive public transportation network that allows you to get to the main tourist sites.

Main forms of transportation

The main ways of getting around in San Francisco are the following:

  • Cable Car

    Cable Car

    One of the symbols of San Francisco is, without question, the Cable Car, a kind of railway with a very special operation. You will enjoy getting to know its secrets.
  • Bus


    Together with the metro, the bus is the most convenient form of transportation for getting around the various areas and neighborhoods.
  • Streetcar


    Similarly to the Cable Car, San Francisco Streetcar evoke its history. Many of the trams that are running today have been taken from other cities in the world.
  • Muni Metro

    Muni Metro

    Although it is not as interesting as the bus and cable car for touring the city, the Muni Metro could be useful in some circumstances.
  • BART


    The BART is a good option for visiting the outlying areas and also for transferring to the San Francisco Airport.
  • San Francisco Taxis


    Although it is useful in a pinch, in San Francisco it shouldn't be necessary to depend on them in too many circumstances as other public transportation goes to almost all areas.

How can I save on transport?

If you are planning to use public transportation often (and it would be strange not to) the most advisable thing to do is to buy one of the travel passes that are sold around the city.