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San Francisco Taxis

Although public transportation in San Francisco is perfect for taking you to any point in the city, you can still opt for the convenience of taking a taxi, especially during rainy days.

To give you an idea, the price for getting from the San Francisco Airport to the city’s downtown area would be around 40 dollars.

Taxi Fares

San Francisco Taxi
San Francisco Taxi

  • First 1/5th of a mile: $3.50
  • Each additional 1/5th of a mile thereof: $0.55
  • Each minute of waiting or traffic delay: $0.55
  • Airport surcharge: $2.00
  • Passengers pay for bridge tolls.

For distances 15 miles or farther outside the city limits, taxis will charge 150 percent of the metered rate.

It is worth remembering that all taxis in San Francisco work on a meter system and that, in the case of any tolls, the passenger should pay the cost.

Similarly than in restaurants, it is customary to leave a tip for the taxi drivers. Usually, this should be between 10% and 20%.

For your safety

  • All taxis in San Francisco should have a "San Francisco Taxi Cab" sign on the rear and lateral sides of the vehicle.
  • The taxi must have a license, which is a small metal plaque placed on the dashboard.
  • The taxi driver must have the driver's license in a visible place.
  • It is mandatory for taxis to have security cameras inside.