San Francisco Information

San Francisco Information

Questions or doubts often arise when you're organising a trip. That's why we've put together some useful information to help you when planning your getaway.

Main Areas in San Francisco

Fisherman’s Wharf

San Francisco's first port, Fisherman's Wharf, has become an important tourist attractions that shouldn't be missed.

Yerba Buena Gardens

Yerba Buena Gardens is a peaceful, relaxing area with various museums and points of interest.


This neighbourhood in San Francisco is home to one of the world's largest Chinese communities; Chinatown is a city within a city.

Union Square

Located in the heart of the city, Union Square is the most well-known and lively area of San Francisco. Discover it!

Alamo Square

This picturesque spot has been a backdrop in numerous films and TV series, and is one of the city's most common postcard images.

Fillmore Street

Fillmore Street is located in one of the most traditional neighbourhoods in San Francisco, Fillmore District, a beautiful spot to wander around.


Haight-Ashbury could be described as the most alternative, hipster part of San Francisco. Why not check it out?


Japantown in San Francisco is one of the USA's largest and oldest Japanese neighbourhoods. Find out more about its history.

Little Italy

Located north of Chinatown is Little Italy, a beautiful neighbourhood where you can enjoy a stroll and a delicious Italian meal.

Other Information

Electricity and Plugs

The electrical outlets in the USA are type A and B. If you are travelling from Europe or elsewhere in the world, don't forget an adapter for your electronic items. 

The voltage in the USA is 110 V, which is less than in many other countries. These days most electronics are compatible for use between 220 and 110 V, but we recommend checking before packing. You don't want to take something with you that you then won't be able to use.


The official time in San Francisco is GMT- 8 (GMT- 7 in the summer). This means that San Francisco is eight hours behind the UK, and nine hours behind most of mainland Europe. 

Business Hours

The shops in San Francisco generally open from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 or 10 am until 6 or 7 pm.

Some of the most common areas for tourist to go shopping are Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown and Little Italy

Health Insurance

Unlike in Europe, healthcare is private in the USA, therefore if you need medical attention you have to pay for it. Bearing in mind that the average price of a regular check-up is $300, we suggest taking out insurance rather than running the risk of being stung with hefty medical bills.

You may already have insurance, but if not, we offer travel insurance that covers medical expenses in the USA, as well as other expense that you may incur such as lost luggage or delayed flights.

Useful Phone Numbers

  • Emergency number: 911.
  • San Francisco city code: 415.
  • USA country code: 1.