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San Francisco BART

The BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) lines link San Francisco with other cities and more distant regions. This network is used by over 350,000 people daily.

Muni Metro and BART Station
Muni Metro and BART Station
BART Route Map
BART Route Map

The San Francisco BART is fast and convenient although, from a tourist's point of view, it is not as interesting as the cable car or the bus. It is especially useful for getting to the airport.


BART has 5 lines:

  • Yellow line: Pittsburg/Bay Point – San Francisco Airport
  • Red line: Richmond – Daly City/Millbrae.
  • Green line: Fremont Line– Daly City.
  • Orange line: Richmond – Fremont.
  • Blue line: Dublin/Pleasanton – Daly City/Millbrae.


The BART fares are based on the distance covered in each stretch. Depending on the route, a trip can cost between $1.50 and $8.

To calculate the fare, you will need to look at the map which shows the different lines and stations for BART. Here you can find the station where you are now and your destination before looking at the fare table.

Operating times and frequency

The operating times for the BART network are between 4am and 12 midnight. Outside of these times there are night buses that travel along the routes.

The trains run every 15 minutes, increasing to 20 minutes during the quietest parts of the day.